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Canadian Charity Law List

October 2018


Blumbergs' Canadian Charity Sector Snapshop 2016

Here is our Blumbergs' Canadian Charity Sector Snapshot 2016. In it there are some interesting statistics on the charity sector from the T3010 Registered Charity Information Return filings from 2016. READ MORE

Blumbergs welcomes Gary Huenemoeder to our team as a Charity Audit & Compliance Advisor

Gary Huenemoeder is now available to assist Canadian registered charities when they are being audited and more importantly, to conduct informal risk reviews of a charity's operations (preferably before the audit) to identify and resolve issues in the simplest possible way. READ MORE

Finance Changes to Political Activities and Canadian Charities

Finance proposals last week to change the rules for Canadian charities and political activities are either a welcomed change or even too scary for Halloween.   Will they help the charity sector to have greater impact or will they undermine the reputation and trust of the charity sector? Time will tell.  READ MORE

Why you should not be setting up an Ontario non-profit corporation under the OCA today

Even with the Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act ("ONCA") looming, we are still seeing recently incorporated non-profits that are set-up under the Ontario Corporations Act ("OCA"). Here is an article on some of the reasons why this is generally not a good idea, and why it is better for our clients to set up new entities under the federal Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act ("CNCA"). READ MORE

CBC article “Pro sports charities hoarding cash, overspending on fundraising, watchdog says”

The CBC today covered the issue of Canadian pro sports teams and their fundraising charities in "Pro sports charities hoarding cash, overspending on fundraising, watchdog says".   This is a follow on to the coverage by the Toronto Star from 2010.    READ MORE

Feedback on Charities IT Modernization Project (CHAMP) T3010 Filing

CRA has asked for volunteers to participate in sessions in Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal to gather feedback on CHAMP ahead of its planned launch in June 2019. READ MORE

Canadian Charities and Foreign Activities – A Very Simplified View of the Process

A brief overview of the rules that a registered charities must follow when carrying out foreign activities. You might it find it useful in explaining the rules to any foreign groups that you work with. READ MORE

Blumbergs' Submission on Finance's Legislative Proposals Regarding Political Activities of Charities

Here is Blumbergs' submission to the Department of Finance on their recent Draft Legislative Proposals Regarding Political Activities of Charities.  For further information on political activities and Canadian registered charities see our directory of blogs and documents. READ MORE

Upcoming Webinars for the Canadian Charity Law Association

The Canadian Charity Law Association is delivering some upcoming webinars.  Registration is free but space is limited. Topics are subject to change.  READ MORE

Finance Legislative Proposals Notice of Ways and and Means related to charities and political activities

On October 25, 2018, the Department of Finance posted Legislative Proposals Notice of Ways and Means Motions and Explanatory Notes, which among other things change the rules for Canadian charities carrying out political activities. This is a major change and CRA has therefore withdrawn guidance provided only a few weeks before. READ MORE


CRA releases infographic on charities changing your fiscal year

For many reasons a charity may decide that it is beneficial to change its fiscal year.   CRA has guidance on how to request such a change and now CRA has published an infographic on the topic.  READ MORE

CRA releases guidance on “Charities and public policy advocacy”

CRA's Charities Directorate had released guidance on "Charities and public policy advocacy". CRA has now withdrawn that guidance with the new wording provided by Finance.    READ MORE


Past programs

We had a very successful Blumbergs' Canadian Charity Law Institute 2018 on October 15, 2018.  We also put on our first "Building Financial Capacity for Canadian charities and non-profits" on October 16, 2018 which was very well attended. 

Blumbergs' Canadian Charity Law Boot Camp 2019 - April 9, 2018.  You can find out more information or register here.

Do you require legal advice with respect to Canadian or Ontario non-profits or charities?

Mark Blumberg

Mark Blumberg is a partner at the law firm of Blumberg Segal LLP in Toronto and works almost exclusively in the areas of non-profit and charity law.