“Talking About Charities 2013” Public Opinion Poll Released

November 03, 2013 | By: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) Mark Blumberg
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The Muttart Foundation has released the 2013 edition of its “Talking About Charities”.  It updates its last similar opinion poll from 5 years ago.

Here is a link to the various responses and reports:  http://www.muttart.org/surveys

Here is the summary:  http://www.muttart.org/sites/default/files/survey/2.%20Executive%20Summary.pdf

Here are comparisons of the different polls:  http://www.muttart.org/sites/default/files/survey/20.%20Topline%20Responses.pdf

One of the most positive pieces to come out of the survey is an increasing understanding by the public over the last 10 years that not every cent can be spent on the cause and that overhead/admin has a role.

A9.  Which of the following statements do you most agree with?

1.    I expect all of the money that I give to charity to go to the charity’s cause, for example, towards cancer research.  [Down from 43% to 34%]

2.    It is appropriate to have a proportion of the money I give to charities go towards the operating costs of the charity itself, as long as the amount is reasonable. [up from 57% to 66%]

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