Some interesting reports from Statistics Canada on giving and volunteering

August 02, 2012 | By: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) Mark Blumberg
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Statscan has put out some reports recently on charitable giving and volunteering as well as more specific reports on giving by immigrants and employer support of volunteering,

Giving and volunteering among Canada’s immigrants  by Derrick Thomas   Release date: May 17, 2012

“This article examines donating and volunteering among immigrants in Canada: their reasons for doing so or not, the amounts of money and time they give and the types of organizations that they support. It compares immigrants to other Canadians and considers how the philanthropic behaviour of immigrants changes as they establish themselves in Canada. The data are from the 2010 Survey of Giving Volunteering and Participating.”

Employer support of volunteering by Matt Hurst   Release date: May 17, 2012

“This article examines employer support of volunteering in Canada. It focuses on volunteers who are employed, examining the different types of employer support they receive. It also looks at the number of hours volunteered by supported employees, as well as the type of activities they engage in and work-related skills they acquire through volunteering. Possible effects of employer support are explored, including how it relates to employees’ perceptions that volunteering increases their chances of job success.”


Charitable giving by Canadians  by Martin Turcotte Release date: April 16, 2012

“This article examines charitable giving by Canadians, comparing information about donors and donations in 2010 and 2007. It profiles the types of organizations that received the larger amounts of donations, distinguishing between religious and other organizations. It also looks at motivations for donating and reasons for not giving more, including what may have bothered donors about how they were asked to donate. The data comes from the 2010 Canada Survey on Giving, Volunteering and Participating.”

Volunteering in Canada  by Mireille Vézina and Susan Crompton Release date: April 16, 2012

“This article examines volunteering in Canada: volunteer rates, number of hours volunteered and types of organizations supported. It describes key socioeconomic characteristics of volunteers, types of volunteer activities, motivations for volunteering and barriers to volunteering. The article also examines “informal volunteering”, that is, direct help provided to family, friends and neighbours. Data are from the 2010 Canada Survey on Giving, Volunteering and Participating.”



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