Saskatchewan introduces bill “The Informal Public Appeals Act”

November 12, 2013 | By: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) Mark Blumberg
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Saskatchewan has introduced a bill that would regulate informal public appeals. This will cover situations like when a fire destroys a family home and funds are raised to help the family and what to do if there are excess funds etc.  Most importantly for charities the proposed legislation does not apply to qualified donees (i.e. registered charities, etc) and their fundraising.  This legislation will be helpful in a number of situations that commonly come up with informal appeals.  As is typical Saskatchewan leads the way!

Bill 105
An Act respecting Informal Public Appeals

Here is the Table of Contents of the bill:

Preliminary Matters
1 Short title
2 Interpretation
3 Application of Act
The Trust
4 Trust of public appeal fund
5 Institution not trustee
6 Trust document
7 If conflict about governing authority
8 Duration of the fund
9 Enforcement of the trust
Surpluses and Refunds
10 No trust in relation to a surplus
11 Scheme to distribute a surplus
12 Refund of unused donation
13 Return of unused real property
Trustee’s Powers and Duties
14 Payments from the fund while the trust
15 Investment
16 Further public appeals and donations
17 Professional advice and services
18 Transfer of fund to another body
19 Other transactions, elections and consents
20 Trustee may make rules
21 Trustee’s discretion
22 Trustees may act by majority
23 Trustee protected from liability
24 Resignation and appointment of trustees
25 Trustee’s duties
26 Regulations
Coming into Force
27 Coming into force”

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