September 15, 2008

How Much Should A Canadian Charity Spend on Overhead such as Fundraising and Administration?

Here is my updated article on “How Much Should A Canadian Charity Spend on Overhead

This note discusses why low overhead may not be a good thing for a charity and what is appropriate.

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September 07, 2008

Canadian Federal Election - Canadian charities must avoid partisan political activity

Canadian registered charities need to scrupulously avoid involvement with partisan political activity.  In this brief note we cover CRA policy statement CPS-022 on political activity by charities and CRA’s Advisory on Partisan Political Activities. It is really important for Canadian charities to understand the policy statement and advisory for two reasons: 1) failure to do so can result in a charity losing its charitable status; and 2) many charities can in fact do more allowable political activities than they currently do but they misunderstand CRA’s views on this important topic and they think that CRA disapproves of all “political” activity, which is clearly not the case. Full Article in PDF

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September 06, 2008

Fundraising and Grantmaking from Canada - Legal Issues

Here is a copy of a powerpoint presentation Blumbergs recently delivered to a US 501(c)(3) on Fundraising and Grantmaking from Canada

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September 02, 2008

United States Examining Tax Breaks for Charities, Will Canada follow?

The bad economic times, the war in Iraq and increasingly worsening socio-economic situation in the US is having some Democrats and Republicans wonder whether the structure and tax incentives for the charitable sector is working.  Will Canada follow the lead and ask tough questions?

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July 02, 2008

Redeemer Foundation v. M.N.R. (F.C.A.)- Federal Court agrees with CRA on audit powers with charities

This case dealt with whether the Charities Directorate of CRA requires judicial authorization to request certain information from a registered charity and CRA won the appeal.  The CRA note headnote/summary is below.

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June 19, 2008

2008 Global Philanthropy Forum Videos Available online

The Global Philanthropy Forum is presented by the World Affairs Council of Northern California.  The 2008 title was “Human Security, Human Rights and the Shared Responsibility to Protect:
A conversation between elders and emerging leaders”.  They had some excellent speakers but best of all you can see most of this gathering on their website at:

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June 18, 2008

Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act (NFPC) - New Act if passed will affect Canadian charities

It looks like Industry Canada will be making a second attempt to pass a new federal non-profits act to replace the Canada Corporations Act.  It will be called the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act (NFPC).

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June 01, 2008

Your Guide to Charitable Giving and Estate Planning by CAGP Greater Toronto Roundtable 2008

Here is Your Guide to Charitable Giving and Estate Planning produced by the CAGP Greater Toronto Roundtable 2008.  It was inserted in the Globe and Mail.  I have a couple of articles in this edition. 

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May 29, 2008

Applicants for Charitable Status in Canada with foreign activities need to provide detailed info

The Canada Revenue Agency has recently been sending out a new form letter to some applicants for charitable registration which appear to have foreign activities requesting they provide greater detail in terms of the foreign activities.  Here is a copy of a sample letter from CRA.  The letter is worth reading and I would emphasize the importance of providing sufficient detail of the proposed foreign activity as well as a draft agreement for any structured arrangements.

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May 28, 2008

Blumbergs Canadian Charity Law List - May 2008 - Burma, Flow-Through Share donations, volunteers,etc

Here is a copy of the Blumbergs Canadian Charity Law List - May 2008 with articles on subjects such as the Burma Cyclone and Sanctions, Flow-Through Share donations schemes, risk management and volunteers, planned giving in a global world, the Banyan Tree Foundation etc

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May 25, 2008

How Much does Canada and the Richest Countries Help Africa?

A recent report entitled “The Commitment to Development Index for Africa: How Much do the Richest Countries Help the Poorest Continent? is well worth reading.  As we know Canada has a good reputation in terms of helping developing countries.  The numbers in this report show in fact that Canada is below average amongst the 21 wealthiest nations in helping reduce poverty in Africa.  If mediocrity is your goal - Canada is succeeding.  This report discusses not only foreign aid but also trade, investment, and migration policies, as well as other factors such as commitments to the environment, to security, and to technology.

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May 25, 2008

CCIC 2008 AGM in Ottawa and Official Development Assistance Accountability Act (better aid bill)

I am just back from the 2008 AGM of the Canadian Council for International Co-operation.  It was awe inspiring to see some of the wonderful work being done by Canadian charities in the international development realm.  Not only was this a celebration of CCIC’s 40th anniversary but it was also a celebration of a very important legislative victory in the realm of international development. 

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May 14, 2008

Bequests in Wills In Canada - Avoiding Legal and Ethical Problems When Supporting Good Causes

April 14, 2008

Banyan Tree Foundation, law firm Fraser Milner Casgrain sued for $55m in class action lawsuit

The law firm of Scarfone Hawkins LLP in Hamilton has recently brought a class action lawsuit against a number of parties for their involvement with the Banyan Tree Foundation including the law firm of Fraser Milner Casgrain.  It will be interesting to see how this case turns out.  I predict that there will be other cases against other law firms that have been involved with preparing opinion letters for transactions that CRA considers to be “shams”.  The allegations in the statement of claim have yet to be proved in court.

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April 03, 2008

Has the regulation of Canadian charities operating outside of Canada become increasingly burdensome?

I often read commentators talking about the ‘increased burden’ placed by Canada Revenue Agency on Canadian charities operating abroad or the ‘increasingly complicated’ administrative rules.  I then scratch my head and wonder what increased burden and what increased rules?  The CRA has not modified RC4106 since 2000 (almost 8 years)  and since the publication of that document the CRA has in fact provided greater leeway to registered Canadian charities in operating abroad for example charities that are umbrella organizations.  The CRA has also provided clarifications in newsletters on various issues that they have been asked about.  The CRA has also made far greater efforts to educate charities about compliance issues for Canadian charities operating abroad including through a recent educational partnership with certain charities.

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April 01, 2008

Fundraising Policy for Canadian Registered Charities by CRA

Here is my article which discusses the Consultation on Proposed Policy on Fundraising by Canadian Registered Charities (RC4456-e).

Here is a link to which is the CRA’s “Consultation on proposed policy on fundraising by Registered Charities.”  This is a 6 page document and apparently there will be another document forthcoming that is about 40 pages in length that will add to the overview document.

Here is a copy of a presentation on April 1, 2008 by Neil Cochrane and Peter Broder of the Charities Directorate of the Canada Revenue Agency to the Ontario Bar Association entitled CRA Fundraising Policy Overview

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March 30, 2008

Donations by Canadians to Prescribed Universities Outside Canada (Schedule VIII) Rc191-07

CRA has prepared two publications namely Donations by Canadians to Prescribed Universities Outside Canada (RC191-07) and Information for Educational Institutions Outside Canada (RC190-07).  These recent publications will be of interest to foreign universities interested in fundraising in Canada and Canadian students studying at certain prescribed foreign universities.

Essentially Canadian individuals and trusts may in certain cases claim a non-refundable tax credit when they donate to certain “prescribed” universities outside Canada.  As well corporations may be able to deduct a donation to these “prescribed” universities.  The list of prescribed universities is located in Schedule VIII of the Canadian Income Tax Regulations under the Canadian Income Tax Act.

Links to the documents at the CRA website are Donations by Canadians to Prescribed Universities Outside Canada (RC191-07) and Information for Educational Institutions Outside Canada (RC190-07).

March 22, 2008

Interesting notes on Equitable Relationships between North/South Civil Society Organizations

Every year the Canadian Council for International Co-operation hosts a discussion forum and this year it was on the Paris Declaration and aid effectiveness.  There are some interesting notes on equitable North/South CSO relations at   As well Brian Tomlinson of the Canadian Council for International Co-operation delivered a speech a few month ago entitled “North / South CSO relations - A Northern Perspective” at

March 10, 2008

Under a Microscope –Transactions that Draw the Attention of the CRA by Blaine Langdon of CRA

“Under a Microscope –Transactions that Draw the Attention of the CRA” is a really useful discussion of issues relating to donations and receipting - a problem area for many Canadian registered charities.  It was a presentation delivered by Blaine Langdon of the Charities Directorate of the Canada Revenue Agency.

March 10, 2008

Regulation of Charitable Giving in Canada –A Presentation by Blaine Langdon

Here is a presentation by Blaine Langdon, Senior Policy Officer, of the Charities Directorate of the Canada Revenue Agency entitled
Regulation of Charitable Giving in Canada –An Update

February 16, 2008

Donation of Medicines by Canadian Pharmaceutical Companies to the Developing World

The Canadian Federal Budget, delivered in March 2007, provided an additional tax incentive to Canadian pharmaceutical companies to provide drugs to certain Canadian registered charities as long as the drugs will be used outside of Canada.

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February 03, 2008

Who Gives for Overseas Development: A UK study

Alliance Magazine has a summary of this UK article on Who Gives for Overseas Development? at This article may be of interest to professional fundraisers who work on international development and humanitarian aid.  It may or may not be useful to understanding Canadian donors.  For the rest of us it appears that a large number of people give to overseas causes - but those who are better educated, women, and better off financially tend to give more.

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January 31, 2008

CRA’s 10 reasons why an application for Canadian charitable status will not be successful

The CRA recently posted their top ten list of why applications for charitable status will not be successful.  It was placed in a Consultation document entitled “Charitable Work and Ethnocultural Groups - Information on registering as a charity “.  As an aside the last time I saw a study on the difference between applications for charitable status that were accepted by CRA and those that were rejected the most important factor correlating with acceptance was use of a lawyer.  Although one does not need to use a lawyer, the process is anything but straightforward.  If one is going to use a lawyer it is important to use a lawyer who is knowledgeable about charity law and especially important if you plan on conducting activities outside of Canada that the lawyer be familiar with CRA requirements for Canadian charities operating abroad.  Just one little example they cite for denying an application “The application does not include any copy of an agreement with representatives who are supposed to help the organization to carry out its activities outside Canada.”  CRA expects when one files an application that references foreign activities to be carried out under a structured arrangement (agency, joint venture, cooperative partnership, contractor) that in fact the agreement be attached.  This comes as a surprise to some including experienced practitioners.  Also they don’t mean some nice looking agreement - they mean an agreement that complies with ALL the requirements in RC4106.  Some may see this as harsh - however, if an organization takes shortcuts and does not have the resources and advisors to put in an appropriate application for charitable status it is not difficult to imagine that some of those same people may take shortcuts later when the charity is operating.

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January 30, 2008

David Baines and Vancouver Sun articles on Canadian Registered Charity “Givemeaning”

David Baines, a columnist for the Vancouver Sun, has written a number of articles critical of the Canadian registered charity Givemeaning which describes itself as “an online fundraising site emphasizing creative fundraising ideas and other unique forms of charity donation.”.  The articles and discussion cover issues such as public trust, appropriate compensation for employees of a “start-up” charity, media/marketing/hype and charities, appropriateness of high overhead, CRA oversight of the area, financial transactions between charities, what is charitable, foreign operations of a Canadian charity, appropriate transparency and accountability.

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January 27, 2008

Planned giving and International Development Charities in Canada

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