Planned Giving for Canadians

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2014 Federal Budget and its Impact on Canadian Charities

Today Finance Minister Jim Flaherty introduced the Canadian Federal Budget 2014.  The budget had a large number of provisions dealing with non-profits and charities. Here are some excerpts from the Federal Budget in one PDF document.    Overall I was very pleased with the provisions of the budget dealing with charities.

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2015 Federal Budget and its Impact on Canadian Charities

This article discusses the 2015 Federal Budget and its implications for registered charities and the charity sector. 

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Bequests - Avoiding problems with the ultimate planned gift

Here is a copy of my article ‘Bequests - Avoiding problems with the ultimate planned gift’ which was presented at a recent Ontario Bar Association Conference.

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Bequests - Encouraging Bequests While Avoiding Legal and Ethical Issues

I recently delivered a presentation to a number of international development charities in Ottawa entitled “Encouraging Bequests While Avoiding Legal and Ethical Issues”.  It covered issues such as the CRA Fundraising Policy and its effect on planned giving and bequests, 15 steps to create a basic planned giving program with or without money, 18 legal concerns with bequests to avoid, and 6 ethical issues with bequests and planned giving to be aware of.  A copy of the presentation is in PDF here.

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Bequests in Canada: 16 Steps to Creating a Planned Giving Program

Here is a copy of a presentation I recently delivered on promoting bequests to charities.  As charities seek to diversify or increase revenue, bequests become an even more important potential source.  It covers some of the advantages and disadvantages with using bequests, whether an organization should create a bequest program, 16 steps to setting up a planned giving program that emphasizes bequests, as well as legal, ethical, and practical issues to keep in mind.

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Blumbergs 2013 Receipting Kit for Canadian Registered Charities

Here is the Blumbergs’ 2013 Receipting Kit.

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Charitable Remainder Trusts (CRTs) in Canada

Here is a copy of a paper I wrote a few years ago on Charitable Remainder Trusts (CRT) in Canada.  The CRT vehicle is extensively used in the US and less so in Canada.  There is a concern that if the rules for CRT are made more favourable this will result in greater immediate tax benefits to a few wealthy people, but not much benefit for Canadian charities for decades to come if at all.

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CRA Fundraising Consultation - One giant leap forward in guidance for Canadian registered charities

In April 2008, CRA released a Consultation on proposed policy regarding fundraising by Registered Charities (RC4456-e) (“Fundraising Consultation”).  This document is a relatively short six page overview, and CRA has recently provided charities with a more detailed document entitled “Background information for proposed policy on fundraising by Registered Charities” which is 29 pages (“Background Document”).  The background document provides greater detail, further definitions of terminology and CRA’s positions on various points.  In this article I will discuss the content of the Fundraising Consultation and Background Document, discuss and analyze the criticisms from others of these documents, and provide my own comments.

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CRA Releases Consultation on Proposed Policy on Fundraising by Registered Charities

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Establishing a Canadian Non-Profit or Charity - Avoiding practical, legal and ethical problems

Here is a copy of my presentation to the Canadian Association of Paralegals on Establishing a Canadian Non-Profit or Charity - Avoiding practical, legal and ethical problems.

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Global Philanthropy is Growing in Canada as World Shrinks

Here is a copy of my recent article Global Philanthropy Growing as World Shrinks which appeared in the CAGP Toronto 2008 Supplement Your Guide To Giving Back. 

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Planned Giving and Professional Advisors - The Why and How to Involve Professional Advisors

In this article I discuss the importance of Canadian charities involving professional advisors in their planned giving efforts.

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Planned Giving in a Global World - CAGP Annual Conference April 2008

Planned Giving in a Global World is my presentation at the CAGP national convention about Planned Giving by Canadian charities for projects outside of Canada. The description of the presentation was “In this session, we will discuss basic information that a planned giving officer needs to know to allow for planned gifts in support of charitable activities outside of Canada. Topics will include the legal requirements and restrictions for Canadian charities operating abroad; examples of charities losing their status for non-compliance with CRA requirements; different organizational models for charities operating abroad; common mistakes and concerns with charities operating outside of Canada; and an overview of recent developments and flexibility in charities operating abroad.”

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Planned Giving Internationally in “Your Guide to Charitable Giving and Estate Planning”.

This article discusses a Canadian legal perspective on Planned Giving Internationally. It was written by Mark Blumberg and recently appeared in “Your Guide to Charitable Giving and Estate Planning”, a supplement that appeared in the Globe and Mail on Friday May 11, 2007 and was produced by the Greater Toronto Area Roundtable of the Canadian Association of Gift Planners.

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Starting a Basic Planned Giving Program for a Canadian Charity -  A Lawyer’s Perspective

In this article I provide some suggestions to charities in Canada as to how they can easily start a planned giving program for their charity.

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What is planned giving?

In this article I discuss different planned giving vehicles in Canada.

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