Foreign Charities Operating in Canada

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Should we set up a Canadian Charity and if so How?

This article discusses considerations in setting up a registered Canadian charity and how to establish the charity.

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So how much do Canadian charities receive from foreign sources according to the T3010 Returns?

There has been a little political firestorm last week over US foundations funding of certain Canadian environmental charities.  So how much revenue actually comes to Canada from foreign countries including the US?  The answer seems to be about $831 million.  That is from Line 4575 “Total revenue received from all sources outside Canada”.  If you are interested in who got what then read on.

Here is my note of the top registered charity recipients of Total revenue received from all sources outside Canada.

Just to provide some perspective Canadian charities had revenue of over $192 billion dollars and spent about $2.6 billion outside of Canada every year.

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Structured Arrangement versus Conduit for Canadian Charities and Foreign Activities

This article discusses the difference between an acceptable intermediary relationship between a Canadian charity and a foreign charity or NGO (a structured arrangement) and an unacceptable arrangement such as a conduit.

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T3010 - Canadian Charities - Please File your T3010 on time!

This article discusses the T3010 and the importance of filing it accurately and on time.

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Top Ten Canadian Charity Law Issues by Mark Blumberg

So much is written about legal issues relating to charities in Canada. In this article I try to distill the ten most important things you need to know about charity law in Canada.

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Updated Canadian Registered Charity Legal Checklist by Mark Blumberg

Here is an updated version of the Canadian Charity Legal Checklist.  For those who are interested in reviewing legal compliance for their registered charity they may find the checklist helpful.  

Why Canadian donors have low levels of trust for Canadian international development charities?

An Ipsos Reid poll suggests that Canadian donors have low levels of trust of “international development” charities.  This article will attempt to explain why and suggest how to increase levels of trust.

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